Rely Buy now Pay later

A fintech product enabling financial empowerment, particularly for its millennial and gen Z customers, allowing them to purchase items immediately, but pay over time with zero interest.

Inception Story

I joined Rely during its prototype phase. We debuted our product in August 2019, collaborating with Singapore's leading e-commerce platform, Qoo10.

My goal was to create a BNPL payment gateway for
e-commerce and retail businesses in Singapore and Malaysia.

Role & Responsibilities
Lead user experience designer
End-to-end UX | Product strategy | UI design

The case study showcases key screens illustrating the seamless Buy Now Pay Later experience I designed for both customers and merchants. I developed a user interface where customers can quickly find and shop with their preferred merchants and pay in instalments.


The enhanced checkout experience, enabled users to make quick purchases using the power of BNPL. We achieved a TrustPilot score of 4.5. Users found the payment experience to be seamless, across e-commerce and in-store merchants, in Singapore and Malaysia.

The Problem
Creating financial freedom for all

Empowering the younger generation to make purchasing decisions that fit their financial situations and lifestyles, while minimising any obstacles in the shopping experience.

Empathetic Financial Empowerment

In the pursuit of financial liberty, our Buy Now, Pay Later solution is not just a service—it's a stepping stone towards empowering the younger generation. It respects their financial boundaries while simultaneously expanding their purchasing power. This isn't merely about enabling transactions; it's about nurturing responsible financial autonomy and lifestyle harmony.

Gen Z's debt surge

Generation Z saw a noticeable uptick in credit card debt recently. Influenced by the pandemic, they spent more on electronics and streaming. However, compared to older generations, they still carry the least debt, while generation X has the most.


average credit card debt of gen Z and millennials


increase in debt year on year


increase in credit card debt amongst millennials


increase in credit card debt amongst gen Z

BNPL benefits for the younger generation

These advantages resonate with the notion of "Creating financial freedom for all," enabling young consumers to tailor their buying choices to their financial realities.


Youth-Centric Challenges: When designing, closely analyze the financial behaviors and constraints of young consumers to tailor BNPL solutions that genuinely fit their lifestyle and budgeting needs.

Immediate affordability

Young customers struggle to access credit, making it hard for them to afford items beyond their immediate means. Obtaining credit cards is challenging due to lengthy processes and low credit scores during their early financial independence.

Credit card limitations

Traditional credit cards come with high interest rates and lack flexibility in choosing convenient repayment periods based on the checkout amount. Additionally, they don't provide tailored payment plans based on the types of merchants customers purchase from.

Rigid repayment terms

The inflexibility in credit card repayment methods often results in decreased credit scores due to poor practices. Additionally, the exorbitant interest rates imposed on remaining balances severely restrict financial independence.

Unified purchase experience

The aim was to create a seamless and consistent experience, irrespective of whether customers purchased items online or in physical stores ensuring convenience and ease for all customers.

“Tailoring young consumers' choices to their unique financial landscapes
Solution 01
Immediate affordability

BNPL acts as a financial cushion, allowing customers to access essential or luxury items immediately, aligning with today's need for prompt gratification..


Limit Steps: Don’t overwhelm users with too many steps; show only what’s necessary to get started.

We've streamlined the onboarding verification process by integrating with Myinfo Singapp, a regulatory requirement for financial products in Singapore and Malaysia. Additionally, we've automated the manual KYC process within our system through this integration. This enables us to swiftly authenticate users and allocate credit to those with favourable credit scores and stable financial standings.

Solution  02
Credit card limitations

While traditional credit solutions like credit cards come laden with high-interest rates, BNPL offers a transparent payment structure. This ensures predictable budgeting without the additional cost of interest when payments are timely.


Group Related Elements: Related information and controls should be grouped together visually, reflecting their association.

While many BNPL providers offer 0% interest, Rely differentiates itself by presenting three interest-free payment plans: Bi-Weekly, 4-monthly, and 3-monthly instalments. Our platform tailors these plans to individual merchants (For eg: based on merchant catalogue), ensuring both merchant interests are safeguarded and consumers are presented with the most suitable financial options.

Solution 03
Rigid repayment terms

Unlike long-term loans that tie consumers to rigid repayment schedules, BNPL offers adaptable payment terms. This caters to young individuals who may prefer or require varying payment timelines without penalties.


Smart Defaults: Pre-select the most common or recommended options to minimize the choices users have to make.

This feature empowers users with the flexibility to pay off an instalment or any chosen amount ahead of schedule, thereby freeing up their credit limit for future use.

Solution  04
Unified purchase experience

Many young shoppers either don't qualify for or opt out of traditional credit cards. BNPL bridges this gap, offering them an alternative payment method, and thus expanding their purchasing options in both online and physical markets.


Basic Functionality: Ensure the core features of your product work seamlessly across different systems, even with basic functionality.

This offers users an interest-free, flexible way for consumers to make purchases both online and in physical stores. By seamlessly integrating with existing POS systems, simplifying the checkout process for a hassle-free payment experience.

Learning & outcomes
Establishing financial harmony

The primary learning was striking a balance between diverse financial needs of merchants and customers, ensuring trust from merchants while delivering valuable and adaptable payment choices for customers.

Early Payment Incentives

Create a points-based system where users earn points for every early repayment they make. These points could then be redeemed for discounts on future purchases, service fee waivers, or even cashback.

Flexibility is key

Understanding that both merchants and consumers have unique needs has shown the importance of offering versatile payment solutions, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Trust through transparency

Automating and streamlining processes, like onboarding verifications, built trust. By ensuring consumers receive suitable financial options while protecting merchant interests, we crafted a transparent and trustworthy platform.

Customized plans

By offering three distinct interest-free payment options, we satisfied diverse consumer preferences but also met varying merchant requirements.

Balanced financial interests

With plans tailored to specific merchants, we ensured a harmonious relationship between merchants and consumers, optimizing both parties' financial interests.

User testimonials
TrustScore 4.5 | 570 reviews

Mohamad Izwani Aziz

Easy peasy
The process is effortless and easy approval. Will use it again in the future.


Seamless experience overall. Checkout using rely was quick and they also have great customer service.

Verge Gamotan Jr

Convenient, smooth and easy as 123!
It was smooth. All good!Transaction was as easy as 1 2 3. Select a product, checkout and select Rely as payment option, select payment schedule. Done!


Rely pay later checkout was a Breeze!
Rely pay later checkout was super smooth & fuss free too! It’s a breeze to make purchases. I’ll definitely be using Rely a lot more!