Hello there! I’m Parasuraman Kannan, a UX leader and Design System Designer. I thrive on bringing creativity and meticulous design principles into every environment, from agile startups to large-scale enterprises. My approach blends deep expertise with a passion for mentoring and collaboration, creating digital experiences that are both innovative and deeply human-centered.

At Portworx by Purestorage, I lead design system initiatives, focusing on crafting solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and user-friendly. My career has spanned significant roles where I've been fortunate to lead projects that drive user engagement and satisfaction—whether it’s developing AI-driven strategies at Zeda.io enhancing interactions at Rely.sg and Halodoc, or empowering teams at Appsly.io and Inkoniq to bring visionary ideas to life.

Ready to craft extraordinary experiences and set new benchmarks in design and user engagement? Let’s make it happen – together!

"Blending Innovation with Action”

Each phase should link to its predecessor while justifying the necessity for the subsequent step. My design methodology hinges on four pillars: empathy, awareness, Cognitive science, and visual Harmony.

My Design Philosophy


For me, design transcends form and function, to human connection. I believe immersing myself in the user's world helps me live their stories and shapes my thought process and creations.🙌


Staying updated on design, technology, and business trends helps me give meaningful context to my design decisions. Being mindful of even subtle user needs ensures intentional and insightful design. 🔍

Cognitive Science

My experience in diverse industries has aided my ability to understand and anticipate user behaviour and decisions while interacting with different products, thereby refining my design process. 💡

Visual Harmony

Visual design goes beyond creating aesthetic experiences. My process involves crafting a visual harmony that elevates the usability and comprehension of products. There’s so much UX in UI as well!🌟

Personal life and inspiration

Residing in diverse countries and a decade of cross-industry design experience have influenced my perspective on design and business. I take pride in my ability to comprehend intricate business aspects, aiding both myself and my teams in grasping complex business products. This proficiency guides my design process, ensuring immediate business requirements are met while foreseeing its evolution with advancing technology. Apart from work, I enjoy long drives, abstract painting, photography, and reading to explore the interconnectedness of business, technology, and design.

Books I’m reading

The path of acquiring knowledge and understanding design is infinite. The following books have shaped my outlook and assisted in forging my unique path as a leader in design.

"To be a good leader for others you must be able to lead yourself first"

- Rob van der Tillaart