Hi, I’m Parasuraman Kannan

UX Leader & Design System Designer

At Portworx by Purestorage, I specialize in design system architecture, ensuring seamless integration and compliance across interfaces. My career, with leadership roles at Zeda.io, Rely.sg, Halodoc,  Appsly.io and Inkoniq, has been dedicated to advancing user-centric design in diverse sectors, from AI-driven platforms to healthcare and financial services.

Join me in this journey—let's create the extraordinary!


My UX leadership journey has been marked by collaboration with visionary founders. From ideation to execution, I’ve helped build and mentor dynamic teams. My commitment to product vision and a streamlined process has been the driving force behind our shared milestones and achievements.



Building products with Human centric experience for the end customer


Startup products launched

My roles in various startups span from ideation to crafting experiences with iterative sprints



My work is published in national & International magazines

Some highlights

  • 🔍 Spearheaded four Producthunt launches for Zeda

    🌱 Started off as the sole designer and successfully expanded teams from scratch to 10 members in startups.

    🌐 Led workshops for Japanese exchange students at Fox Academy, India.

    📚 Hosted several design seminars at MS Ramaiah University for budding designers.

    💡 Contributed to brainstorming sessions for emerging startups.

    🧑 Offered mentorship to peers transitioning into the realm of user experience design

"Blending innovation with action"

Each phase should link to its predecessor while justifying the necessity for the subsequent step. My design methodology hinges on four pillars: empathy, awareness, cognitive science, and visual harmony.

My Design Philosophy


For me, design transcends form and function, to human connection. I believe immersing myself in the user's world helps me live their stories and shapes my thought process and creations.🌈


Being continuously updated on what’s new in design, technology and business, helps provide meaningful context to my design decisions. Being mindful of users’ needs, even in the most subtle signals, ensures I design with intent. 🔍

Cognitive Science

My experience in diverse industries has aided my ability to understand and anticipate user behaviour and decisions while interacting with different products, thereby refining my design process. 💡

Visual Harmony

Visual design goes beyond creating aesthetic experiences. My process involves crafting a visual harmony that elevates the usability and comprehension of products. There’s so much UX in UI as well!🌟


Effective communication is the cornerstone of a harmonious and productive workplace, and I firmly uphold this principle. Here's what cross-functional teams I've collaborated with highlight about my communication and teamwork approach.

Reetam Das

Head of marketing, Zeda.io
Thank you for being so thoughtful about the priorities of others and always extending the helping hand whenever needed. Learning a lot from you when it comes to collaboration and cooperation.Cheers!

Rishikesh Tivedi

Product manager intern, Zeda.io
Thank you for providing a structure every time that I am unclear about how to structure the solution to a problem. Will help me a lot at problem solving and providing the most optimum solution while handling or defining constraints.

Prashant Mahajan

CEO, Zeda.io
He has been super helpful in new design language, brand, and experience.He puts his 100% into Zeda to make sure not just product but the entire team is aligned and grows. He cares about others genuinely. How others are feeling in other teams. He is always there to help, protect the team, and do whatever it takes to make things better both culturally and product wise. I am super glad we got him onboard and he has been able to build strong relationship with everyone.

Shubhangi Srivastava

Sr. Product engineer, Zeda.io
I want to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation towards the great work that you have delivered. It is really impressive to witness the amalgamation of great product vision and outstanding design ideas. I have always truly admired your leadership and outstanding design skills while working with you. Keep rocking!!

Prakash Raj

CTO, Rely.sg
I worked with Parasu in Rely where he was leading UX. He is a very thoughtful and insightful person. He does thorough research and user interviews. He has excellent in collaborating with cross functional teams and is an all round team player. Overall it was my pleasure to work with him.

Saumya Sarkar

Product manager, Mahindra Comviva
I have worked with Paras during the bank muscat project app development cycle and was impressed with his knowledge on the present trends on App designs. Quiet hard working and focused. He was quick to understand the needs and have taken the pain to work long hours and even weekends to deliver his commitments. He is a great value add to the team.